This is a list of consoles, systems, computers and games that I am seeking. If you're interested in selling, please contact me via my E-mail on the 'About Me/Contact' page, or send me a PM on AtariAge. We can try to make a deal.

Condition doesn't matter to me, persay. As long as it works-- if it's missing a label, or stained on the outside I'm fine with that. Just such things should be taken into consideration when making an offer of course. I expect consoles to come with everything required to run it (Power Supply, At least one Controller, and any special AV/RF Cord if something unique needed like with Sega Genesis), or have that also being taken into consideration when offering.

Wanted Consoles
Atari VCS / 2600 Regular Style Model. (Light Sixer/Darth Vader Style)
Atari Jaguar
Milton Bradley Microvision
TRS-80 Color Computer 2 and 3
Commodore 128
Gameboy Pocket
Tiger LCD Handheld Games
Arcadia 2001
Bally Astrocade
Nintendo Gamecube
Atari Video Pinball (Dedicated Console)
Atar Super Pong Ten Unit / Pong Clones in general
Wanted Games / Items
TRS-80 CoCo 1 Compatible Game Paks
Super Mario 2 (Nintendo NES)
Great Greed (Gameboy)
Atari Poster / Video Game Posters
Video Game Related Books / Reading
Flashcarts for systems I own

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