Some Odyssey 2 systems come equipped with a weird style of propriety RF plug that requires a special kind of TV Switch Box from Magnavox. This *Simple* mod describes how you can Mod your Ody2 to use the regular style of round RCA Plugs were all used to!

DISCLAIMER: This mod is proven to have worked when done correctly and you are careful!. HOWEVER, I 'am *NOT* Responsible should you destroy your Ody2 in the process.

WHAT YOU NEED: A 1/4 Socket Wrench, A RCA Style Cord...both male on each end. preferably not too thick, or a long head, else it may be a tough fit. POSSIBLY a Pair of Pliers.

What To Do: 

Turn the Ody 2 Over. See those Screws? Use your Socket Wrench. Careful Remove the bottom.

Look in the top right corner. Unscrew this little brace deal there. Unscrew all the fasteners.

Carefully Pull out the Plug in the Unit. STRAIGHT do not turn or twist it. it may take a bit of work, as that's been stuck in there a LONG time! Use the pliers if it helps make it easier.

Take the new RCA cord and plug it in. Reattach all the fasteners and stuff we took out.

Put the top back on, making sure the new cord fits through the notch.

Screw it back together, test it out! Finished!

Created by Rocky Raccoon, 2018. Contact At: RockyCoon AT Gmail.Com
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