These are News Posts from early 2017 through 2018.
Better Host, 5200 and Action Max!? - Feb. 5th 2018
If you can see this, we're on a better host! I have an Atari 5200 on the way now, along with the 7800 from last post-- and I bought that Action Max and will be added to the collection soon with the other two new pieces!
New Collection Pieces OTW! - Feb. 3rd 2018
Have an Atari 7800 and a mass of Intellivison games on the way! <3. Hopefully I can close the Colecovision deal soon too. z.z. Also looking at the obscure Action Max console a local seller has. Hrmmm.
The Old Website Archive - Jan. 23rd 2018
I've decided to put my old website up in an archival form on this NEW website here! You can find it in the Misc. Section up above! It's fun seeing what I had before, and what I need to strive to reclaim. Bleh!
Old Is New!? - Jan. 22nd 2018
Found my old website! The design was a little too old to use again, but I did take the old TECHNICAL DOCs section and add it to this website! AtariAge profile can now be found in the contact section.

Still trying to seal this deal for a Colecovision. I want it baaaaad.

Gonna see about getting some of my things back from my old friend. Mainly my Odyssey 2. He doesn't know what else I left in the bag with him. I'm trying to remember, but nope, nothing!

Cha-Cha-Channnnges. - Jan. 14th 2018
Going to be changing the 'Video Archive' for a 'Want List' of things I want that people may be interested in selling to me. Not doing much trading at the moment as I only have 'One' of most things.

I figure I'll eventually get back to where I can trade again in the next year or so. Gonna be moving the videos to 'Misc. Stuff' I think. Just because I find these things neat.

Ongoing! - Jan. 12th 2018
Added Intellivision to my collection and some games and the Intellivoice module!~. Working on obtaining a Colecovision next with games! <3.

Also Added the About Me Page. And changed the menu above. Added Misc. Page. Changed the Blog Layout to something more simple.

I'm getting there!
Welcome, A New Website! - Dec. 28th 2017
Hello, welcome to A Raccoon's Retrocade Romp! This is a person website that I, Rocky Raccoon, aka: Daniel McMann uses to mainly detail his Retrogame collection, meander about specifics, link silly videos and wax poetic about weird niche things I enjoy.

I used to run a similar website at '', but that website is lost to time since a move in 2006, since things go really bad for me. I'm back in a good space now.

Well that's it for now. I'll write later as the site isn't fully completed yet. :D

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