This is my website, A Raccoon's Retrocade Romp! This is mostly a place to post my ramblings on this main blog page about retro video game collecting and the collecting scene, as well as list my collection, what I'm seeking and attempt to make connections with other collectors!

Remember, just because it's my opinion, doesn't particularly mean it's correct! To each their own~.

O2 and The Voice! - Apr. 14th 2018
Magnavox Odyssey 2 and 'The Voice' unit added to collection, aswell as some games!
A Major Collection Addition! - Mar. 15th 2018
Added four new consoles!: A Sega Dreamcast, a Sega Master System, A Microsoft Xbox and a Colecovision!. Also added games for new systems and some new games I got. Aswell as updated the Wanted list by removing the stuff I obtained off it. Good deal~. Super happy about the Colecovision though!~
Collection Update, Atari 2600 Games and What Not. - Feb. 24th 2018
Just added a bunch of Atari 2600 games, some 7800 titles and a 5200 title~ That's about it!
5200 Aquired! Atari Triumvate, ASSEMBLE! - Feb. 9th 2018
I now own an Atari 5200 SuperSystem (2-port model!). Works. Came with three games. (Frogger, Q*bert, Super Breakout.). Which means I now own all three main Atari systems!

Well versions of them. I still need to get my hand on an old style Atari, but I have at least the 'Junior' version of the 2600!

7800 and Action Max! - Feb. 7th 2018
7800 ProSystem and Action Max now in my collection!

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